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Dirt On
The Skirt
Anthea Van Wyk, Founder & Photographer, Calendar Events Photography
06 March 2020

They can be courageous,
They can be fierce,
They can be champions, and still be feminine.

Dirt on the skirt was a project I had been ‘ummm’ing’ and ‘aahh’ing’ about doing for months until I got a little nudge from a friend to do it!

And I am so glad I did. This was a project so close to my heart, as I wanted to portray how young girls can be what ever they want to be. Yes, they can be tough and girly at the same time.

Credit to:

Location: Greek Sporting Club, Edenvale;

Makeup: Terry Morris from Hines and Harley Men’s Grooming Lounge

A Passion Project

by Anthea Van Wyk

This, for me, was an exciting and positive project, displaying strength and femininity all at once, and how girls are more than capable of doing anything they set their hearts to.

It’s about showing the strength in women that starts from building them from a young age, it’s about building confidence in themselves and that the world is whatever they want it to be. It’s about standing strong when life gets tough and most importantly, it is about knowing your self-worth.

These little models were carefully selected. I wanted girls from different backgrounds and different personalities. And even though they were all so very different, they all showed their strength in their femininity.

The girls had their make-up done and were styled according to the theme. Pretty dresses, make-up, war paint, and sports gear. They all strutted their stuff and their strong beautiful characters all shined. They loved it so much that they were all still buzzing with excitement hours after the photo session had ended.

This was a project that has so much meaning to me. Being a mom with a little girl, I understand the need to fill my daughter up with self-confidence and self-value. I need her to know that she can achieve and excel in anything she wants to and that if she believes in herself, half the battle is won.

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