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Covid-19 Lock Down Work/Life Balance
– What Balance?

Anthea Van Wyk, Owner & Photographer, Calendar Events Photography

07 April 2020

You are a working mom and during the lockdown, you have to try to find the balance between Work, Kids, Wife, Homeschooling, and housekeeping.

If any of you are like me, you find yourself loosing it and feeling the pressure.

My dishes and laundry are never-ending, every time someone steps out for a supply run, I am dis-infecting the house all over again.

And let me not even start on the homeschooling, I have barely done anything!!!

So while I feel like I am drowning in house chores, not in the mood to put any make-up on for a work video conference calls, and feeling like it will be my fault if my kids fall behind school work and that every 2 nd person feels like they need to shove more educational activities down my throat, I felt like I was falling in a bottomless pit of self-sorrow.

If this is you… you are not alone. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and it is ok not to be perfect. And we just want our lives to get back to normal. And get our finances back on track. Maybe even step away from Pinterest for a while.

I need to keep telling myself, that this is School holidays ANYWAYS!!! Kids are not meant to be “educated” at the moment and I have to force myself to sit back and just enjoy the kids because I will not get time with them like this again. We are always wishing for more time, and now that we have it… don’t fill it up with “stuff” and “laundry”.

It’s ok to not put make-up on, let your skin breathe for a change.

It’s ok to skip dishes for a day… do them tomorrow!

Do not do laundry every day. Rather pick 1 or 2 days of the week.

If you did ONE thing today, that is good enough.

And then do something for you, even if it is a nice hot bath with that glass of wine. I have been dabbling in some photography education and photography is my happy place, even though I have not been able to pick up my camera at all during this time.

Please remember, it is ok not to be perfect! Focus on doing ONE thing a day.
And laundry and dishes can wait…. Not like we’re getting any visitors any time soon!

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