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Outdoor Cake
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Anthea Van Wyk, Founder & Photographer, Calendar Events Photography

21 October 2019

So my outdoor cake smash journey started when my son turned 1.

My photography was not where it is now, and I am almost cringing to show you the images… but hey, we all got to start somewhere.

I attempted to make the cake myself. (I am the worst at desserts), I carted my kids, my brother and sister in law and all the props to the nearby reserve, setup the scene and let my son do the rest with the cake while I snapped away.

Even though my photos were not (In my opinion) that fantastic, they are still my favourite off all, because I know, looking back I see where my spark of passion and creativity started.

4 years later I have now been labelled the outdoor cake smash queen. One of my clients even said to me… outdoor cake smashes are your thing… own it girl! And yes I shall!!

Each and every cake smash set is carefully planned to the final detail. I work on your set days before your cake smash date. I take pride in what I do and I strive to grow with every photo session I do. I try to make it special for mommy and daddy as well.

Cake Smash Queen – Fox

I love telling the story of the little one’s 1st birthday celebration and capturing their personalities.

During the cake smash, I am on camera duty and the parents are on baby-chasing duty, I truly wish I could record the parents behind me and all the funny things they do to get babies attention or to smile.

You see a cute baby photo, but you don’t know exactly what went on behind the scenes! Lots of jumping, clapping, signing, fart noises and yays… but it is ALL worth it to get the photos we all want to see on social media and on canvases on our walls.

I love to create the parents vision in to reality. I tend to tell the parents to sit back and let me work my magic, as I have never disappointed, and I do not intend to start. I love to see and hear the parents reaction when they see their set. And especially live seeing their reaction when baby is dressed up in their little outfit.

I have developed amazing relationships with my suppliers, they all know how I give them these wild designs and I am very specific on the designs. I work closely with them to achieve the overall vision.

Best part about the cake smash…. Once I have had my fun with the cute little squishy… I give them back to mommy and daddy covered in cake. Ha ha.

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